Friday 5 April 2013

bye bye google reader

google reader shut down notice

In a way, I never really got the hang of Google Reader. I always found it a bit clunky, I never finished the task of moving my saved blogs to folders (partly because it was just so slow! That might have just been me and my antiquated computer though...), and I always ended up opening blogs up rather than reading them in the reader, because I like to see what the blog looks like, even if it's a regular haunt.

But google reader was very handy for storing favoured blogs, for tucking them away somewhere safe where, yes, they may have gotten overlooked but they weren't lost forever.

For a while now I've also been adding blogs to Bloglovin', finding the 'add to a group' system far easier than it was with Google Reader, especially retrospectively - I've always tended to save blogs (and bookmarks) on the basis I'll categorise or tag them later. Hence my ending up with a heap of Google Reader blogs just scattered around and confusing my head when I want to find something specific...

So my choice is pretty much made up for where to put the blogs I follow - Bloglovin'. It makes sense to amalgamate all the blogs in one place, and so I shall move them over shortly. I've heard that when imported they don't go into categories so I'll still have some work to do, but I'm also planning on doing some weeding, and removing any blogs that I rarely read or aren't interested enough in any more.

bloglovin' home page

And I'm also hoping to put my ultra-faves into a special folder (or two) of their own so I can find them easily when I want to. I don't know about you, but I find I have a few (quite a few!) blogs that I simply adore and am always interested in their content, whereas some blogs I just kind of am happy to drop in on now and then and see what's happening...

If you're not yet sold on any other reader then check out this post, which reviews some of the main choices, and discusses how likely some of them are to go the distance... And do let me know if you've made a decision and where you're going to go!

(It seems Google Friend Connect, which has already been kind of shut down, will still be kind of open even when Google reader goes. I'm very pleased about this as it's still the simplest way to quickly follow and blog, and to do so publicly. GFC works with both Google and Blogger - when you join a site via GFC it has previously added the blog to both. From July, it'll just add it to Blogger. Phew.)

Oh, and if you fancy following me on Bloglovin', then click here! I'm off to move my blogs now - I'll let you know if it doesn't go well!

Happy Friday, and have a good weekend.

Thursday 4 April 2013

snow clothes...

Snow Clothes...

It's dark out today, heavy grey skies and flurries of falling snowflakes. It's also very cold. And April. I love white clothes, they make me think of summer, but today they make me feel like dressing in white and just blending in when I go out...

The Chloe blouse just looks like summer to me, but with the Dotty P's coat, it's just right for this weather. I suspect I should have gone for long boots. And thick tights. And a massive scarf...


Dorothy perkin

J Brand mid-rise jeans
$310 -

Acne booties

Satchel bag
$445 -

Wednesday 3 April 2013

shhh... is it spring?

I have been very quiet here this last month. I've barely blogged and hardly commented on other blogs, although I've still been reading them. It's been a hard, long month, where the much needed end of winter hasn't really materialised and I've felt the unseasonal cold more keenly for that. It's the third of April and it's snowed today.

Through not blogging, I've discovered that when you don't blog for a while you enter a kind of feedback loop, where the fact you've not blogged means that the next post you create had better be really excellent to make up for it, and so the pressure to blog, and blog well, escalates, and that becomes a reason not to blog just yet... I've also felt the "I've not blogged for a while so I must blog a lot now to make up for it" anxiety, along with the "I've not blogged for a while so perhaps I should just not blog again at all" sensation.

But I'm still here, still finding words to say, and still seeing photos I'd like to share. Even in my short time blogging here, I've enjoyed meeting people, learning about them and their lives through their blogs, and becoming, in a small way, part of a large and fascinating community that so many others belong to.

So while I may not know exactly when I shall blog again at this very moment, I will do so. And I'll enjoy it. Thanks for reading :)