Friday, 8 March 2013

signs of spring

Despite the continuing cold weather, and the mainly grey days, it seems that nothing can stop Spring. We had a day of sunshine this week, and then a morning of sun after that. Then it was back to grey... and raining. But the birds are singling louder each morning, and life is pushing through the earth again.

cyclamen in flower

begonia in bloom

tulip coming through the earth
Very young daffodil

begonia in flower

cyclamen in bloom

I'm seeing snowdrops in flower, and daffodils are growing fast now, the flowers still hidden as of yet. I went out with my camera the other day, the sunny day, so, of course, I saw crocuses in bloom, bright and vivid. Hope the sun, and warmer weather, is starting to make a difference where you are too. Happy Friday.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

inhale the scent of flowers...

The sun shone today, through a slight haze, and I could feel its heat, just. It made me think of warmer days to come, a relief and respite from the cold. It made me dare to think of summer...

Top Row
Left - Blue Plumbago by Cassidy Edwards
Middle - Cosmea by Carolyn Cochrane
Right - Forget Me Nots by Marianne LoMonaco

Middle Row
Left - Flowers by Sandra Arduini
Middle - Dogwood by Mag Moment
Right - Flowers by Kim Fearheiley

Bottom Row
Left - Roses by See Life Shine
Middle - Queen Anne's Lace by Bomobob
Right - Sea Thrift by Marasca Photography

All these beautiful images were found on Etsy. I wouldn't like to have to chose one over another. I love them all.

Hope they add some summer to your day too.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

the sunday afternoon movie - sleepless in seattle

Sitting down on a Sunday afternoon and watching a movie is bliss. I love it. Especially when it's winter, or cold, or rainy, or I just need some chill out time. And some movies are made for Sunday afternoons.

Like... Sleepless in Seattle.

It also has one of my favourite movie posters...

Ideal for watching when it's raining outside and you're cuddled up under a blanket next to a hot chocolate with your name on it... Sleepless In Seattle also has a stylish and perfectly chosen soundtrack.

"Destiny is something we've invented because we can't stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental."

If you don't know the film... it's a romantic comedy, a little dated now (in terms of clothes), but kind of charming with it, and its heart is exactly in the right place. It might make you laugh, but it should also make you cry. Nice tears, mind. Most of the time.

"When you're attracted to someone, it just means that your subconscious is attracted to their subconscious, subconsciously. So what we think of as fate is just two neuroses knowing that they are a perfect match."

What's your favourite Sunday afternoon movie? I'd love to know.

(quotes and still from the movie)

Friday, 1 March 2013

March Blues

March Blues

Purple dress
£50 / $76 -

Gerard darel handbag
£415 / $630 -

Oxidized jewelry
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Stud earrings
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36cm 12 Head Purple/Blue Lilac Iris Bouquet Artificial Silk Flowers...

After a little hmming and harring, I've joined Polyvore and have been playing around with how I feel today - aware Spring is on its way (okay, it's officially here but since it's freezing cold, grey and raining, I'm content to stick with the it's-still-on-its-way theory), but also feeling a little melancholy after a tough week.

I hope the weekend is a little more Spring-like.