Friday, 8 February 2013

fab freebies - ii

 Another little round up of some sweet and nice goodies I've found around the web these last few weeks. A few printables for Valentine's day, some wonderful sets of free fonts, a brilliant free ebook about body image, a calendar, a desktop for February, and a video which will hopefully raise a smile.

Very sweet (and unhealthy!) clip art.

I love puns but my other half really doesn't, so I will, with regret, not be using these free printables for Valentine's day from Jenn & Tonic, via My Owl Barn. (Do explore this site further and you'll also find free printables here, here, here and here. If you like owls and printables, you'll love this site.)

Free romantic fonts here and here. Better than a bunch of flowers. And no obligation to use them in any romantic way at all - they're just great fonts.

Check out the free download of The Body Stories on this page. Wonderful reading from inspiring women. The Bear Manifesto is very good too.

Still not sorted a calendar for the year out?  Ahem ... Then take a look at this template. All you need are your photos of choice.

Ladies - we all forgot to check. Check out this video and consider downloading the free reminder app. (Don't forget to watch the credits at the end!)

Casting around for an inspiring desktop for February? Check this one out. I adore it, and found it via this great site.

Quirky, even geeky Valentine's printables.

Some free romantic printables to say you love someone ...

Fed up with traditional Valentine's cards? Or just fed up with Valentine's day? Take a look at this selection of cards and feelings from the heart ...

Hope you find something that makes you smile this weekend - have a good one :)


  1. I do love a freebie so will be sure to check all these out (and thanks for including the link to calendar - it's certainly proved more popular than I could ever have imagined)!

    1. It's a wonderful freebie, that's why! Thanks so much for sharing it :)

  2. Thanks so much for all the tips and leads to freebies!

  3. Hi Michele, thank you so much for finding the freebies ~ the February calendar is lovely, and I did laugh a lot watching the great video ~ that's really well planned healthy campaign -> getting the message across to the target group :)

    1. Yes, it made me laugh too! Not your normal health information video at all!

  4. Hi Michele - thank you for linking to my Valentine's fonts collection! I always appreciate anyone mentioning my blog.

    I've just completed my Easter font collection and will be sharing that on Wednesday - I found some really lovely new fonts when putting it together, so perhaps you'll pay me another visit and check those out too :)


    1. Hi, and thanks for the comment - you can never have too many fonts to chose from so I'm looking forward to your next collection :)


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