Thursday, 7 February 2013

my first smoothie - with spinach

Today was it, then. Today was the made I made my first smoothie. Those who read this earlier post will know I was going to make it this week. With spinach.

It wasn't an unqualified success but it also, surprisingly, wasn't a disaster. Fruits, and spinach, were blended together and then they were drunk.

Okay, back to the beginning. Here's what I used. A handful of mixed frozen berries, a whole bag of spinach (!), a (very slightly) out of date tin of satsuma pieces in their own juice. And that was it. I didn't add any extra banana as the berry mix said it had some in. I didn't see it, I must admit, but why would they lie ...

First in, a few berries and some spinach. Then the discovery that I was using the wrong blade on the blender. This is what happens when someone tries to hold a conversation with you about train times at the same time as you're making your very first smoothie. So I swapped blades (more washing up) and smoothed the fruit and spinach.

It worked, but it was quite thick.

So I opened the tin and checked the satsumas (it was only a month out of date. That just cannot make a difference), and added some segments and some juice.

Ah, that's better.

Then I added more spinach, more juice and satsuma. Then I tasted.


Quite thick in texture. Quite textured in texture too. I mean, it was pourable, but a little lumpy. The fact I remember the texture more than the taste tells you something. So I added the rest of the satsumas, the rest of the spinach and blended again until it was more pourable.

And the verdict? A little on the non-sweet side, with the tang of satsuma and raspberry being pretty strong. It needed straining as it had way too many raspberry pips in for anyone to enjoy.

And the spinach? Despite a whole bag being pulverised, I can report that I tasted none ...

It looked kind of berry-coloured if the light was right. A little on the shade of sludge if the light wasn't so favourable ... (I did take some photos but they were not good. No, no, no.)

Will I do it again? Yes.

Often? Hmm. I think it needs refining somewhat. But the underlying principle is pretty simple, and the results must be super healthy.

And I have half a glass left in the fridge for later ...unless someone else drinks it first ...


  1. That sounds really good to me! I like smoothies but tend to make them more in summer. You might like to try one I've done with hazelnut milk, coffee and banana - sounds strange, but it's quite good ;-) xo

    1. Oh, that does sound nice. Smooth coffee and nut milk and banana. Mmm. I shall make a note of that and try it - thanks for sharing :)

  2. That's awesome you tried it! I'm surprised you couldn't taste the spinach but I guess berries have a strong flavor.

    1. Well, I tried it because I didn't want the spinach to go to waste! But seriously, I could not taste spinach at all. I do think it affected the colour of the smoothie, but definitely not the taste. You're safe to try one ;)

  3. Oh, I wish I could persuade myself to try spinach in a smoothie but I am so not adventurous when it comes to food! Ah, maybe some day.. (enters in my someday file)

    1. I like the idea of a someday file ;)
      I promise, you cannot taste the spinach. I have no idea why this is, but it just doesn't come through. Well, it didn't when I tried it anyway ...I'm assuming it's the same for everyone though!

      Thanks for the comment :)


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