Friday, 8 March 2013

signs of spring

Despite the continuing cold weather, and the mainly grey days, it seems that nothing can stop Spring. We had a day of sunshine this week, and then a morning of sun after that. Then it was back to grey... and raining. But the birds are singling louder each morning, and life is pushing through the earth again.

cyclamen in flower

begonia in bloom

tulip coming through the earth
Very young daffodil

begonia in flower

cyclamen in bloom

I'm seeing snowdrops in flower, and daffodils are growing fast now, the flowers still hidden as of yet. I went out with my camera the other day, the sunny day, so, of course, I saw crocuses in bloom, bright and vivid. Hope the sun, and warmer weather, is starting to make a difference where you are too. Happy Friday.


  1. Snowdrop flowers are popping up here as well! Beautiful, beautiful photos ... The begonias color is very pretty! I think I haven't seen the Sleepless in Chicago yet ... I wonder if I might find it from the Netflex. Enjoy the flower-boom that is about to start soon :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment :) The flowers are being so late to bloom this year... still waiting for daffodils...


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