Sunday, 23 December 2012


First posts are always a little awkward. No one knows anyone else, and nobody has a clue what to expect. If meeting in the physical world I wouldn’t refer you to my about page, or provide a list of what I like, and dislike, and what topics I’m hoping to blog about here. But this is the digital world, and so we have the freedom to be a little more forward ;-)

I like:  coffee (decaf but strong, no milk or cream), hot pain au chocolate for breakfast (occasionally. Well, I’d like it every day, but you know...calories), kites, seasons (excuses to wear different clothes and redesign your house decor!), nature (I love to squirrel watch...), gardening, bags, shoes, cake, photography,  the sea, white clouds on a blue sky, reading, dreaming...

I dislike:  Oh, this is so, negativity, custard, anchovies, panda eyes, being too cold, being too hot, selfishness, grey skies day after day...

I’m hoping to post about:  all my likes, and...

Designing  - decorating a house, a room, myself, a website

Creativity  - crafts, jewellery, clothes, cushions, art, illustration, diy

Coveting  - beautiful things, clothes, jewellery, home furnishings, furniture, art, books

Reading  - anything and everything, fiction, fact, history, politics, crafts (ahem), blogs, weakness for glossy magazines and paperback fiction (and ebooks)

Learning  - how to be a better version of me, understand the word, make web sites, make crafts, make a home

Discovering  - art, cities, countryside, seas, nature

Thrifting  - more than ever, it’s a part of modern life. Living well but living economically, reusing, recycling, upcycling, making my own things and making gifts for others. Repairing those old jeans, or making them into something else!

Want to know more? Check out my about page.

I hope you find something to read and enjoy around here. Welcome to my patch of the web!

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