Saturday, 29 December 2012

these boots are made...

I have a deep passion for boots and am on an eternal quest for the right pair. The right heel, the right material, the right fit and, most definitely, the right comfort. I only want comfortable boots, that cradle your feet and make you feel you could run for a bus, go to a fancy restaurant, meet a head of state, and then climb a tree. Although in any order you wish...

But, yes, that kind of pair of boots. Multi-purpose, go-anywhere, always-look-gorgeous boots. They also have to last forever. No question.

My latest trawl through online shops have revealed these gems...could one of them be The One...?

|| 1. Boots perfect for Autumn. And watching The Hobbit.
|| 2. Felted boots perfect for re-enacting scenes from any of The Lord of the Rings films. Including The Hobbit.
|| 3. Classic and contemporary all at once, these will never date.
|| 4. Tiny attentions to detail make these even more stunning.

|| 5. Fluffy and soft. Does anyone need more?
|| 6. Grey. Zips. Ties. Oh yes.
|| 7. Tough yet caring.
|| 8. Wonderfully finished.

Do you have a favourite? I can't chose...


  1. I love number 8!

  2. I love them all ;-) Thanks for the comment :-)


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