Friday, 18 January 2013


It's Friday again. And it's that time of year.

It's cold, it can easily be miserable, and it can be wet. But snow ... something about snow stirs deep emotions in many people. For me, it reminds me of playing out when I was a child, and never feeling the cold, and it also makes me think of shared memories created with the one I love...

Snow boots
Wintertimegirls on Tumblr is full of beautiful winter images ... well worth a browse if you love the winter, as well as snow.

Snow shed
Such a beautiful image. Photos of snowflakes are so hard to take, let alone make look this wonderful. It's from a beautiful web site as well.

Snow girl and pony
The ideal dress to wear when riding in the snow ... I wish ... from this great fashion blog.

snow cat

Stunning photograph, from this blog.

snow tree
Snow so soft, you could sink into it...

If your snow photos always look a bit, well, "it was better in real life", then check out these simple tips to improve your images ...

If you have issues photographing people in snow scenes in particular ...

And if you fancy something a little more advanced to really improve your snow photos ...

I've had a little snow this week, and can still see if from the window as I write this. Not much, but it's that cold it's not melted. If you have some snow, then do enjoy it, and if you don't, then I hope these photos help instead ...

Best music to listen to whilst watching snow fall? 50 Words for Snow - Kate Bush

Best book to read in a snow storm?  Lavondyss - Robert Holdstock

Any other ideas?


  1. I wish we had more snow here. It's only snowed once since winter started. I hear we won't get anymore until February :(

    Beautiful pictures.

    1. Much of the UK has snow today - including where I am :-)

  2. Gorgeous photographs :) It's snowing here too, it's so beautiful!

    1. Oh, it is, isn't it? I love to sit and watch the snow fall... Thanks for the comment :-)

  3. Love the kitten picture... and I love the name of your blog. Nice!

    1. Thank you! The name just came to me one day ...I wrote it down quick before I forgot ...
      Thanks for the comment :)

  4. Michele, Just stopping by to follow back. I'm so happy to discover your wonderful blog. The snow pictures are lovely. I love the way snow looks but not the way it feels! I hate to be cold and that's one of the big reasons I've been living in Hawaii for a year..but I do miss it sometimes so it's really nice to see these photos : )

    1. Hi Kim, thank you for the follow back :) And the blog compliment ;)

      Have to admit, I went out in the snow earlier and was entranced by the crunch of it underfoot...that said, if I had to chose, I'd probably go for Hawaii too!

  5. That second photo is amazing! Great post :)

  6. I always used to get so excited when it snowed when I was living in England!


    1. I live in England and I still do! It's always so magical
      ... and has snowed again last night!

      Thanks for your comment :)


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