Thursday, 24 January 2013

tonight, I am ...

Source - Pulp International via Michele Sullivan on Pinterest

Over on Denise Andrade's beautiful blog, I found this great post, with a fascinating question at its heart -

“If you could be any role in a movie, what would it be?”


After a little thought, and a little looking at other people's answers (check the comments for this post out too, if you're stuck for inspiration), I settled on either Lara Croft (for when I just want to be strong, and tough, and travel the world, and have a very large house to come back to), or Viola from Shakespeare in Love (for when I want to be someone else but, you know, feel trapped by duty and obligation and all that. And when I'd like to wear long dresses too).

Who would you be? And why? Let me know in comments - I'd love to read your thoughts!



  1. ooo Lara Croft was a nice choice- i'd love to kick butt like she does and go on all of those adventures. I think if i had to choose to play someone, it'd be Rachel McAdams' character on Morning Glory. She's just so ambitious and driven and spunky and herself. Whenever I watch that movie i feel invigorating in continuing with my dreams!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. I've not seen that film, so must hunt it about. Love the idea of a character making you want to follow your dreams :)

  2. Such a tough question! I really like Mila Kunis's character in forgetting sarah marshall because she is beautiful and super low key (and works and lives in Hawaii)! But, I would probably pick someone with a stronger female lead I am just drawing a blank!
    Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

    1. Another film I've not seen! I can see the Hawaii attraction for a start though ...;)

      Happy Friday to you too :)

  3. Hi Michele, it's not easy at all yet I'd like to be the personification of
    Death in Ingmar Bergman's 'The Seventh Seal' because I love
    medieval history, philosophical dialogue and the game of chess
    (also because actor Bengt Ekerot wore a fabulous black cape).
    Swear I'll be back, ciao!

  4. Oh, that's a stunning choice. Slightly scary, but stunning ;)
    I too adore medieval history but am, unfortunately, very bad at chess. The attraction of a good piece of clothing is understandable too...

    Thanks for the comment - I have seen this film, but not for a good few years now!


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